By Liena Wright _ December 19th, 2016

Welcome to the family Little Bl°c.  Our brand new all natural ice cream with no refined sugars in great tasting milk based flavours:

Mega Mango

Crazy Chocolate

Super Strawberry

Contains no additives or artificial ingredients!

Little Bloc, the new range of ice cream for children, is 100% natural, only 90kcal per 100ml, and made with no refined sugar. In a world of increasing rates of childhood obesity and sugar consumption, your tots deserve a treat that’s healthy, high quality, and high in calcium and vitamins from real fruit (in the fruit flavours) and the finest Venezuelan cocoa.

And if you’re lucky, the kids might just share.

It was so important to us to reduce sugar levels, and to ensure that Little Bloc tastes and feels as good as its older siblings. It’s time for some hype around kids nutrition.

Now all we need are some little monsters to try it…

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