By Liena Wright _ May 6th, 2016

For this special coffee themed event, Leeds based roastery North Star will be at Hyde Park Picture House to present a screening of the 2006 documentary BLACK GOLD, about the ethics behind the international coffee industry.

During a post-film discussion, they’ll explore what has changed 10 years on and what still needs to be done to address issues of sustainability and ethical coffee procurement today. They’ll also share their own experiences of working with coffee growers and decipher terms such as ‘Fairtrade’ and ‘organic’, in a bid to define what it takes to be truly ethical in the purchase of your daily cup o’joe.

To accompany this, Hyde Park Picture House will be brewing free cups of their new North Star El Salvador Finca Bonanza coffee. Together with our friends at That Old Chestnut, we will also be offering up delicious coffee flavoured cakes and ice creams, as we celebrate some of Leeds’ finest and tastiest indie food and drink producers.

Screening as part of Leeds Indie Food Festival 2016.

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