Why vegan ice cream?

By Liena Wright _ March 1st, 2018

Why now?

Why did we make a vegan ice cream? Well, we don’t jump on trends. We make products that won’t go out of style next season. We do what we believe in, and we don’t think the ‘hype’ around plant-based food will die down any time soon.

We’ve seen the research; Britain is more vegan-friendly than ever. About 1% of the UK population is vegan, and yet more go for a flexitarian diet for health, ethical or environmental reasons. If you want to or need to choose a diary-free diet, you shouldn’t have to compromise. That’s where we come in.

There are a few vegan ice cream options available already, but none of them use all natural ingredients, so we have, and there in lied the challenge – how to make no-compromise, vegan ice cream that’s free from additives?

This has been two years in the making and only with the evolution of science, technology and ingredients did we feel it was ready. Great tasting, smooth and creamy texture. Bold flavours. Responsibly sourced. Natural ingredients. Never artificial… and dairy free.

So here we go: Strawberry & Yuzu, Chocolate & Orange Blossom, Hazelnut & Rose and Peanut Chip.  THIS is (vegan) ice cream.

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