By Liena Wright _ March 4th, 2021

Introducing our brand new flavour: Chocolate & Sicilian Blood Orange.

We blended an indulgent vegan chocolate ice cream with Sicilian blood orange compote. The result? A zesty dark chocolate with a sweet punch of orange-y goodness.

Sicilian blood oranges (also known as Sanguinello) are characterised by their red pigmentation, which indicates high antioxidants — primarily anthocyanin. Which is known to be pretty good for you; that’s just one more reason to reward yourself.

In addition to your classic orange taste, blood oranges contain notes of raspberry, red grapefruit and tart cherries. Combine this fruit-packed flavour profile with our decadent chocolate and you’ve got eccellenza in a tub.

Watch out Terry – there’s a new icon in town.
Available at select Co-Op stores from this weekend!

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