By Ellen Prizeman _ March 16th, 2023

At NORTHERN BL°C we’ve always done things differently. Ice cream alone probably can’t change the world, no matter how good it tastes. However, the way we work, what we make and how we make it, and our sourcing and distribution are all ways we can make a difference.



Most companies are making their zero carbon pledges. And so are we. Right now we’re working towards zero carbon in collaboration with reewild (which will also give climate transparency to our consumers). But for us sustainability is about going even further. It’s about running a responsible business, looking after our team, our community and our planet. We’re always asking ourselves, and our partners, if there’s a better way. It’s how we’ve run NORTHERN BL°C from day one. And it’s why we launched a plant-based range of indulgent flavours. Because ice cream is for everyone.


Our policy covers four key commitment areas…



Maintaining economic growth to ensure a stable business for the future from investing in our new-state-of-the-art production facility to continuing to implement and improve our responsible business practices such as supply chain and sourcing.


Without our people, there is no ice cream. We support our team and promote wellbeing through being a living wage employer and providing continuous training. Beyond our core team, we make sure no one is negatively affected or impacted by our activities through careful and considered sourcing of raw ingredients.


By working with our community we have a positive impact on society. From working with fareshare, supplying 68 front-line organisations and contributing to 7,297 meals to supporting community hubs and schools. We are also dedicated to equality, inclusivity and diversity on every level.


We have one earth and it’s our responsibility that we play a part to protect it as much as possible for future generations. From biodegradable tubs to our new state-of-the art production facility which has been designed to be more sustainable and efficient.

This is something our team are genuinely passionate about and really believe in. With good strong sustainable processes in place, we’re able to drive efficiencies through the business. We’re not scared to be a work in progress or ask the questions. And then we set out to find the answers. We take a sustainable approach to everything we do – for our colleagues, our clients and the communities around us. It’s more than just nice thing to do. It’s a way of life, it’s ice cream. Done sustainably.

We’re ALSO working towards ISO14001 certification (an international and regularly audited standard) that will help us to responsibly and successfully deliver our business plans. It will also keep us in line and make sure we stick to the processes and beliefs we set out with as the business grows.

If you’d like more information regarding our sustainability policy then please reach out by emailing

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